Human Resources KPI Sets

With the prompt 250 + HR KPI sets, you can calculate your KPI’s automatically.

360° Corporate HR Data Analysis

HRLytic enables analysis of all your HR functions 360° and build up the reporting structure specific to the needs of your company.

Forecasting with AI

Make your predictions today about the future with AI based forecasting analysis on your data.

Data Modelling and Experience

You can easily design your HR analytic structure with prompt HR data models within HRLytic.

Get Top-Down Analysis Using HRLytic Reports

Analyze your report sets with different perspectives either employee or FTE based. You make top-down analysis on dashboards and graphs going into the most detailed information such as the cv of the employee.

Effective Top Management Reports

Design your top management reports to analyze your company’s productivity and profitability with different correlations based on different HR related KPI’s.

Performance Analysis of Different Processes and Departments

Make detailed analysis about the performance of your processes such as recruitment, time management, performance management and plan your future actions about these processes with AI based forecasts.

Flexible Reporting

HRLytic provides report designs specific to your company’s needs, while enabling the end users to get meaningful information from the reports based on their specific focus areas.

Improving the Effectiveness of the Operational Processes

HRLytic can help you with the analysis of your operational processes to make them more effective and develop strategies to improve the operational workload.

Authorization Mechanism

You can define different user authorization levels to define the report sets and dashboards that the end users can reach.

Easily Prepare the Presentations

You can easily prepare your presentations with visual reports and dashboards with drag and drops.

Design Specific for Your Company

The design of the data visualization and reports can be specific to the needs of your company.