HR Data Modelling

Design swift, smart human resource analytics
with HRLYTIC’s instant HR data models!


Seamless Integration and HR Data Model Adaptability

Transform your HR system with HRLYTIC’s adaptable data models, ensuring a flawless fit into your existing framework for a dynamic HR infrastructure.

Agile System Compatibility

Enjoy a harmonious blend of HRLYTIC’s models with your HR systems.

Seamless Data Fusion

Integrate diverse HR data effortlessly, creating a unified analytical approach.

Flexible HR Analytics

Our models are crafted for adaptability, ensuring they grow with your company’s needs.

HR Data Modelling

With HRLYTIC’s intuitive data models, streamline your HR processes, dedicating more time to strategy and human insights than ever before.

Simplified Process

Navigate the complexities of HR with user-friendly data models.

Strategic Focus

Allocate more resources to strategic development
with simplified analytics.

Innovative Design

HRLYTIC provides a modern approach to HR strategy, built for efficiency and insight.


Unveil Patterns,
Predict Success

Discover the narrative within your HR data, using HRLYTIC to identify trends and make predictions that drive your business forward with confidence.

Trend Identification

Spot vital trends to inform successful HR strategies.

Predictive Precision

Utilize advanced HR data models to forecast and plan for the future.

Data-Driven Progress

Turn analytics into actionable progress, propelling your business.

Everything You Need,
Consolidated in One HR Dashboard

Making Informed Decisions Supported by HR Data.

Data Synthesis

Merge and manage your HR data with unparalleled ease, creating a central hub for all your analytics needs with HRLYTIC.

Unified Data Hub

Establish a single, authoritative source for all HR insights.

Strategic Transformation

Leverage data to build strategies that resonate with your HR goals.

Instant Clarity

Visualize HR impact instantly with clear, intuitive dashboards.


Employee Performance Forecasting

Project and optimize future employee performance, and tailor development plans with insights gleaned from our comprehensive employee performance predictions.

Performance Forecasting

Anticipate and prepare for future performance trends.

Predictive Talent Management

Leverage forecasts to inform your talent development strategies.

Turnover and
Retention Analytics

Dive into the underlying causes of employee turnover and craft targeted retention strategies, informed by our deep turnover and retention analytics.

Turnover Insights

Uncover the factors driving turnover to implement
effective retention strategies.

Proactive Retention

Utilize analytics to maintain high morale and retain your valued employees.


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In the invitation window, you can type in several email addresses, so in most cases, you can invite your whole recruiting team in just one sweep.

HRLYTIC offers a flexible integration framework that allows it to connect to a variety of HR systems, including HRIS systems, employee engagement platforms, and performance management systems.

· Employee engagement
· Employee retention
· Employee productivity
· Workforce diversity
· Compensation and benefits
· Talent acquisition

HRLYTIC offers a variety of pricing plans to meet the needs of organizations of all sizes. For more information on pricing, please contact us.

HRLYTIC offers a variety of support options, including email, and live chat support. HRLYTIC also offers a knowledge base with articles on how to use the platform.

Yes, you are free share HR data reports with other people in your organization. HRLYTIC allows you to grant users different levels of access to your data and reports.