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HRLYTIC Functionalities

Ready to Use HR Data Modelling

Track Top Management KPI Reports

Predictive HR Analytics

Get Top-Down Analysis Using HRLytic Reports

Analyse Performance of Different Processes

HRLYTIC’s data modelling capabilities allow you to create complex data models that represent your organization’s HR data.

Track your top management reports to analyze your company’s productivity and profitability with different correlations based on different HR related KPI’s.

HRLYTIC’s predictive HR analytics capabilities allow you to predict future HR outcomes, such as employee turnover and employee performance.

Analyze your report sets with different perspectives either employee or FTE based. You make top-down analysis on dashboards and graphs going into the most detailed information such as the cv of the employee.

Make detailed analysis about the performance of your processes such as recruitment, time management, performance management and plan your future actions about these processes with AI based forecasts.

HRLYTIC Functionalities

Let HRLYTIC Advance Your
HR Reports with Custom HR Tools!

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Smart Decisions Backed by HR Analytics Data

Unified Platform

You can combine all your HR data in a single platform and develop your HR strategies based on the analysis you make on this unified data set.

Quick Implementation

Develop and analyze the data flow with a single click. Reach your HR data instantly and quickly without losing time.

Consolidated Data

You can combine all your HR data in a single platform and develop your HR strategies based on the analysis you make on this unified data set.

Flexible Structure

With the data warehouse and flexible report, it provides, get different layers of HR data without affecting the main system’s performance.

Craft Your Future with HR Analytical Maturity Level Analysis!

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Are you primed to sculpt visionary, data-fueled human resource strategies by delving into your company’s HR Analytical Maturity level, all on the house?

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Integrations with HRMS
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Craft Your Future with HR Analytical Maturity Level Analysis!

Are you primed to sculpt visionary, data-fueled human resource strategies by delving into your company’s HR Analytical Maturity level, all on the house?

Claim Your Complimentary HR Analysis

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Integrations with HRMS
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Buying is better than building

Time to Value | Buy

1 month for pre-built metrics and insights

Time to Value | Build

16 to 18 months for manual design and implementation

Implementation Cost | Buy

Less than 1/5 of the build cost with HRLYTIC

Implementation Cost | Build

Significant labor, technical infrastructure, BI, and data warehouse costs

Security | Buy

Updating application security by periodic testing againts new threads.

Security | Build

Development teams should have security expertise and consider potential vulnerability and penetration concerns

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In the invitation window, you can type in several email addresses, so in most cases, you can invite your whole recruiting team in just one sweep.

HRLYTIC offers a flexible integration framework that allows it to connect to a variety of HR systems, including HRIS systems, employee engagement platforms, and performance management systems.

· Employee engagement
· Employee retention
· Employee productivity
· Workforce diversity
· Compensation and benefits
· Talent acquisition

HRLYTIC offers a variety of pricing plans to meet the needs of organizations of all sizes. For more information on pricing, please contact us.

HRLYTIC offers a variety of support options, including email, and live chat support. HRLYTIC also offers a knowledge base with articles on how to use the platform.

Yes, you are free share HR data reports with other people in your organization. HRLYTIC allows you to grant users different levels of access to your data and reports.

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HR Analytics Ultimate Guide

The ability to make data-based predictions is changing the way organizations make better decisions and benefit from the abilities of their employees. Using better data is becoming very important for today's strategic workforce planning, employee productivity, talent management, employee loyalty and retention studies, performance management, agility and mobility issues. Structures that exclude misgivings by using mortal resource analytics and see a clear picture of both hand and company requirements are getting near to success. HR analytics eliminates hypotheticals in important opinions that need to be made about the pool, allowing better operation of mortal pitfalls, smarter matching of workers with tasks, and more effective and cost-effective processes to be achieved.

What can the right data analytics tell you?

  • The level of commitment of your high-performing employees

  • Forecasts of which employees will leave, which ones will stay

  • The resources that the best employees come from and how to find more

  • Estimates of future labor costs on a quarterly and annual basis

  • Employee preferences regarding wages, rewards and working models

  • The effectiveness of the diversity and inclusion program

What is HR analytics?

HR analytics covers the process of collecting and assaying mortal coffers data in order to ameliorate and ameliorate the pool performance of a company. This process, carried out in the name of increasing labor force efficiency, is a data- and human-oriented method for recognizing employees and making them more efficient. By barring hypotheticals during the timber of opinions about the job and the pool, it prevents pitfalls that may do and prevents costs from being. Hr analytics refers to the relationship of data collected by HR on a routine basis with the goals that the company wants to achieve. It provides guidance to human resources specialists on what the right strategies should be in order to achieve the goals set by companies. It provides measured outputs on making improvements after collecting and evaluating existing data, effectively determining plans for the future, and which system works better.

How does human resources analytics work?

Human resources analytics consists of several factors that feed into each other;
  • Collecting data first to obtain problem solving insights,

  • To monitor the data later; to measure it with other data such as historical information, norms and averages,

  • Analyzing the results in this step, where trends and patterns are determined,

  • The application of the analyzed results according to organizational decisions.

Artificial Intelligence Supported HR Analytics Software

In digital HR solutions supported by artificial intelligence, the measurement of analytical / numerical data, which was previously difficult to translate into a value, is no longer a problem. Because now brand new data sets are being formed. With artificial intelligence technologies, it is much easier to analyze how employees feel during a job interview or at a team event compared to yesterday. Strategies such as hiring the right person for the right job, Deconstructing talent management strategies according to the characteristics of individuals, selecting the most competent person for the position projected from thousands of CVS are shifting in a different direction with artificial intelligence and algorithm-oriented applications that are starting to be used in HR processes.

Best HRMS Software Solutions

HRMS Softwares are software that allows businesses to store the data they need to save within themselves in an easy way. Companies prefer these computer programs to make their work easier. At the same time, thanks to human resources programs, things are managed more regularly and quickly. You usually need to purchase the programs used by human resources for a certain fee. Paid in one-time form, these fees may be paid weekly, monthly or annually. You can get information about the functioning of the platform by using the trial version of the program that you are considering purchasing. Although large enterprises usually use multifunctional human resources software, medium-sized companies can also use it easily. There are many human resources programs used worldwide. The main ones of these programs are as follows:

  1. GoCo:

    Coordinates operations such as employee files, salary management, reward management, recruitment process and job analysis.

  2. Gusto:

    It is a platform that performs HR analytic functionalities such as wage management, insurance management, time tracking, recruitment and analysis.

  3. Zoho People:

    It is a program designed to perform HR functions such as personnel management, recruitment, reporting and analysis.

Some businesses may need to use different HR programs at the same time depending on their needs and size. In order to choose the right HR program, it is important to first determine the needs of the business. Therefore, choosing a program according to the sector in which your company operates gives you an advantage in conducting your business.

The Importance of HR Automation Software in Corporate Businesses

Together with the impact of automation on HR, an HRMS offers a number of positive effects on the effective operation of Human Resources functions and Human Resources management:


One of the main benefits of HR automation for the entire workforce is that automated processes always work the same way. No matter which manager or HR consultant you work with, the approach is that corporate processes are systemic and individual changes and inconsistencies are a thing of the past.


From good hiring decisions to performance evaluation to just running the monthly payroll, HR conducts processes based on the correct data. Human error is among the biggest potential problems at work. Any software or automated system is only as good as the information entered. However, the fewer contact points and manual operations are created between people and HR data, the less chance of making mistakes will be much reduced.


With the automation of HR processes, ordinary and repetitive tasks will allow HR personnel to solve more complex, human-required problems that they really need to do. HR will do the work that it really needs to do and save the time it spends on the operation and transfer the process it spends here to the software.


The above two effects, in turn, affect your HR budgets and overhead expenses. Greater efficiency and precision means cost savings. Standard hr reports to be created according to the needs of the institution can be received regularly. Thus, cost control can be carried out. If any, the administrative measures that need to be taken are easily seen and the necessary actions can be taken.

Human Resources with HR Analytics Tools

It is possible to overcome all possible difficulties in HR with HR Analytical Tools. By collecting all the data in the HR management field of companies, it makes the process much easier. This makes the process and perspective better. Human resources analytics tools are designed to give a comprehensive understanding of each aspect of HR operation by gathering material data within the company. This scientific methodology not just engages the organization to expect a more essential position yet additionally helps with resolving existing issues and concocting further developed techniques for what's to come. HR examination includes the assessment of information got from the different HR processes inside the organization, utilizing assorted systems to cultivate a culture of information driven dynamic in HR. Factual examination, information mining, and information representation are necessary in empowering HR experts to settle on informed choices with respect to worker character examination. Likewise, HR analytics facilitates professionals and directors in conditioning similar as customizing HR programs and assessing their efficacy. As associations decreasingly calculate on technology and data, the complete analysis and perpetration of HR criteria and analytics are pivotal for successful operation.

Benefits of HR Analytics Software

Enhanced Recruitment Decisions: Are you eager to ascertain which job platform attracts the most qualified candidates? HR Analytics furnishes precise answers to such queries. It also divulges the most effective interview techniques and the positions garnering the highest number of applications. Attendance Patterns: Why does Ahmet consistently request Mondays off, and why does Ayşe appear discontent during meetings? Data is essential in unraveling these mysteries. It also sheds light on the trainings or benefits that hold significance for employees. Refinement of Training Programs: Training sessions are often monotonous, but wouldn't it be beneficial to discern which training programs yield tangible results? HR Analytics aids in relating the efficacy of different training modules and their impact on performance, helping to distinguish precious training from redundant bones. Salary Strategy: Who doesn't anticipate payday? However, are you certain that every employee receives equitable remuneration? HR Analytics serves as a resource in this sphere, enabling the identification of positions that admit hires above or below request norms.