HR Management Analysis Dashboards

Maximize HR effectiveness with comprehensive Management Analysis Dashboards for strategic oversight!


Workforce Time Management Analysis

Enhance productivity with our Workforce Time Management Analysis, offering deep dives into organizational time use.

Streamlining Time Management

Identify and implement streamlining opportunities to save time and improve operational efficiency.

Trend Analysis in Time Utilization

Observe and analyze trends in time utilization to develop time optimization strategies.

Project Time Allocation Insights

Examine time allocation across projects to prioritize based on strategic goals and resource management.

Team Efficiency Metrics

Measure team productivity and develop targeted strategies for efficiency enhancement.

Employee Performance Analysis

Elevate performance with our Employee Performance Analysis Reports, showcasing achievements and areas for growth.

Comprehensive Performance Metrics

Access detailed metrics for precise assessment of team and individual performance, guiding development.

Alignment of Goals and Performance

Align individual goals with company objectives to reinforce a unified and effective workforce.

Analysis of Performance Patterns

Study performance patterns over time to shape strategic HR planning and development.

Initiatives for Performance Excellence

Implement data-driven initiatives to promote high performance and accomplish business targets.


Compensation Analysis Reports

Guide fair and strategic pay decisions with our Compensation Analysis Reports for equitable salary structures.

Salary Benchmarking Analysis

Benchmark salaries against industry standards to ensure competitive compensation plans.

Analysis of Salary Evolution Trends

Track salary growth trends to maintain market alignment and support organizational scaling.

Salary Distribution Equity Analysis

Promote salary equity and transparency to enhance employee satisfaction and fairness.

Pay Strategy Analytics

Refine compensation strategies using in-depth analytics correlating pay with performance and market data.

Everything You Need,
Consolidated in One HR Dashboard

Making Informed Decisions Supported by HR Data.

Talent Acquisition Strategy Dashboards

Refine hiring processes with Talent Acquisition Strategy Dashboards, focusing on efficiency and candidate quality.

Recruitment Workflow Optimization

Optimize hiring workflows to eliminate bottlenecks and enhance the recruitment cycle’s speed.

Applicant Quality Assessment

Evaluate applicant quality to continually refine sourcing and selection strategies.

Recruitment Source Analysis

Evaluate applicant quality to continually refine sourcing and selection strategies.

Metrics for Recruitment Timeliness

Gauge the efficiency of hiring practices by monitoring average time-to-hire metrics.


HR Strategy Forecasting Reports

Anticipate HR trends with Strategy Forecasting Reports powered by AI, for data-driven workforce planning.

Insights for Proactive Succession

Use AI to identify and prepare future leaders, ensuring smooth leadership transitions.

Predictive Hiring and Turnover Analytics

Employ AI to predict hiring needs and turnover, allowing for forward-thinking HR management.

Workforce Behavioral Analysis

Explore AI-generated behavioral insights to better understand and manage workforce dynamics.

Predictive Workforce Demand Projections

Forecast workforce needs with AI-driven insights based on business scenarios and market data.

Insights on Employee Retention

Reduce attrition with detailed Retention Insights, clarifying retention drivers and intervention points.

Retention and Turnover Analytics

Examine turnover causes and patterns to create effective retention plans.

Departmental Turnover Breakdown

Dissect turnover statistics by department to address specific retention challenges.

Financial Impact of Turnover

Evaluate the financial repercussions of turnover to prioritize retention strategies.

Proactive Retention Risk Management

Identify and mitigate risks for employee turnover with strategic interventions.


HR Inclusivity and Diversity Analysis

Promote a culture of inclusion with HR Inclusivity and Diversity Analysis, identifying strengths and areas for growth.

Metrics for Workforce Diversity

Monitor diversity metrics to ensure a well-balanced and inclusive work environment.

Diversity Objectives Progress Analysis

Track the advancement towards diversity goals to ensure ongoing commitment.

Inclusion Strategies Based on Analytics

Formulate targeted inclusion strategies from diversity data to bolster well-being and equity.

Comprehensive Diversity Analysis

Evaluate the multifaceted nature of workforce diversity to fully understand employee demographics.

Everything You Need,
Consolidated in One HR Dashboard

Making Informed Decisions Supported by HR Data.

Analysis of Employee Engagement

Lift morale with our Analysis of Employee Engagement, pinpointing drivers and areas to enhance workforce commitment.

Tracking Engagement Levels

Survey the landscape of employee engagement to identify pockets of low morale.

Drivers of Engagement Analysis

Dissect the core factors of engagement to boost satisfaction and output.

Engagement Improvement Initiatives

Craft specific programs from engagement analytics to uplift morale and productivity.

Engagement Trends Over Time

Analyze engagement over periods to measure the effect of policies and spot persistent trends.


CSR Impact Analysis Dashboards

Showcase your commitment to society with CSR Impact Analysis Dashboards, tracking and evaluating CSR efforts.

CSR Efforts and Outcome Analysis

Track CSR activities to ensure they resonate with company values and objectives.

Insights into Stakeholder Engagement

Understand stakeholder interaction and perception related to CSR endeavors.

Social Impact Assessment

Evaluate the social and environmental impact of your CSR activities to inform future strategy and reporting. 

Sustainability Metrics Tracking

Monitor key sustainability indicators to assess your organization’s environmental impact and progress towards sustainability goals. 

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HRLYTIC offers a flexible integration framework that allows it to connect to a variety of HR systems, including HRIS systems, employee engagement platforms, and performance management systems.

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